Acroecology mCGS

All students must meet the Requirements for the Certificates of Graduate Study


Agroecology is an approach that seeks to integrate ecological science with other academic disciplines and knowledge systems to guide research and action towards the sustainable transformation of our current agrifood system. The micro-Certificate of Graduate Study in Agroecology (mCGSA) is a 9-credit program that focuses on the three dimensions of agroecology: science, movement and practice.

Specific Requirements

Requirements for Admission to Graduate Studies for the micro-Certificate of Graduate Study

FOR CURRENT UVM STUDENTS: Students currently enrolled in a UVM master's or doctoral program must complete the online UVM Graduate Application. Letters of recommendation and transcripts are not required, and an application fee waiver can be provided.

FOR DUAL GRADUATE DEGREE/CERTIFICATE PROGRAM APPLICANTS: Students applying at the same time for a graduate degree program and a micro-Certificate of Graduate Study at UVM must first complete the online UVM Graduate Application for the degree program. Once accepted into the degree program applicants can then log back into the portal and choose the option to apply as a micro-certificate student. A fee waiver will be provided by the Graduate Admissions office.

FOR APPLICANTS TO MICRO-CERTIFICATE PROGRAM: Applicants seeking to enroll in only a micro-Certificate of Graduate Study program must complete the online UVM Graduate Application and all associated requirements. This application will need to include official transcripts from an accredited university as well as 3 letters of recommendation. A bachelor's degree is required for admittance. Note: GRE is not required for applicants only intending to complete the mCGSA.

Minimum Degree Requirements

Completion of the following courses:

ALE 6110Introduction to Agroecology3
ALE 6120Ecological Foundations of Agro3
ALE 6140Agroecol, Food Sov. & Soc Mov.3