Health (HLTH)


HLTH 241. D2:Exploring Healthcare Systms. 3 Credits.

Explores a healthcare system outside the USA. Common elements in all healthcare systems are required for effective and efficient delivery. Field visits, presentations, and cultural exposure are included in the program. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.

HLTH 287. Health Coach Immersion Advance. 1 Credit.

Interactive comprehensive evaluation course for Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching for students to refine and demonstrate the Health and Wellness Coaching session. The class is interspersed with Integrative therapies that support healthy behavioral change and compassionate self-awareness. Required for NBHWC Certification Exam. Prerequisites: HLTH 187, HLTH 188, HLTH 189. Co-requisites: HLTH 288, HLTH 289.

HLTH 288. Motivational Interview Advance. 0 or 1 Credits.

Students learn the theoretical framework, strategies and techniques of advanced motivational interviewing, positive psychology and behavioral change. This course examines evidence-based practice as it relates to skillful conversation, clinical interventions and strategies to actively engage complex clients in health-related behavior change. Required for NBHWC Exam. Prerequisites: HTLH 187, HLTH 188 , HLTH 189. Co-requisites: HLTH 287, HLTH 289.

HLTH 289. Health Coach Skill Lab Advance. 0 or 2 Credits.

Interactive course where students learn to apply advanced motivational interviewing skills to the practice of Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching. Advanced coaching skills/structure with complex patients/situations and professional conduct will be covered. Required for NBHWC National Certification Exam. Prerequisites: HTLH 187, HLTH 188, HLTH 189. Co-requisites: HLTH 287, HLTH 288.

HLTH 292. HLTH Wellness Coach Practicum. 2 Credits.

This course supports students as they integrate relevant knowledge from their academic Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching studies through a practical learning opportunity. Through classroom and practicum experiences, students will have the opportunity to build upon their learnings as an emerging health and wellness coach. Prerequisites: HLTH 187, HLTH 188, HLTH 189.