Health (HLTH)


HLTH 5860. Health & Well Coaching Advance. 4 Credits.

Covers the theoretical framework, strategies and techniques of effective communication, advanced motivational interviewing, positive psychology and behavioral change and the application of these to the practice of Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching. Advanced coaching skills/structure with complex patients/situations will be covered. Integration of skill set into different professions will be explored. Required for NBHWC Exam. Prerequisites: HLTH 3840, HLTH 3850 or equivalent; Graduate student; Instructor permission.

HLTH 5870. Health & Well Coach Practicum. 3 Credits.

The integration of relevant knowledge from academic Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching studies through a practical learning opportunity. Builds mentoring and leadership skills through work alongside academic and clinical health coaches while gaining practice hours necessary for the NBHWC exam. Prerequisite: HLTH 5860.