Wildlife & Fisheries Biology (WFB)


WFB 232. Ichthyology. 3 Credits.

Biology of fishes. Focus is on form and function, morphology, physiology, behavior, life history, and ecology of modern fishes. Prerequisites: BIOL 001 and BIOL 002, or BCOR 011 and BCOR 012; Junior standing. Alternate years.

WFB 261. Fisheries Management. 3 Credits.

Principles of fisheries management, including population assessment, analytical methods, harvest allocation models, human dimensions, policy and emerging issues. Prerequisites: BIOL 001 or BCOR 011; BIOL 002 or BCOR 012; WFB 161.

WFB 275. Wildlife Behavior. 3 Credits.

Behavior and social organization of game and nongame species as they pertain to population management. Prerequisites: BIOL 001 or BCOR 011, BIOL 002 or BCOR 012, NR 103 or BCOR 102.

WFB 283. Terrestrial Wildlife Ecology. 4 Credits.

Wildlife ecology with an emphasis on the management and conservation of species, populations, and ecosystems. Prerequisite: WFB 174, and NR 103 or BCOR 012.

WFB 396. Advanced Special Topics. 1-18 Credits.

See schedule of courses for specific titles.