Greek and Latin AMP

All students must meet the Requirements for the Accelerated Master's Degree Programs


This Accelerated Master's Entry Program (AMP) offers select UVM undergraduate students of Greek and Latin an opportunity to earn both the bachelor's and master's degrees in Greek and Latin in 5 years. 9 credits toward the M.A. are earned during the senior year that  may also count toward the B.A. The remaining M.A. credits are completed in the 5th year. Full-time graduate student status can begin the summer after undergraduate graduation and be maintained until completion of the M.A. in Greek and Latin. Students typically pursue the master's degree in Greek and Latin either as a stepping stone to doctoral work (hopefully well-funded as a result), or to teaching in high schools (typically Latin).

Specific Requirements

Requirements for Admission to Graduate Studies for the Degree of Master of arts for Accelerated Students

Students must apply for and be accepted to the AMP through the standard Graduate College application process. Normally, the application and admission process must be finalized prior to the beginning of the senior year (typically in the Spring of the junior year). Students must be admitted by the Graduate College before taking any courses that will apply to the master’s  degree, i.e., all courses used for the master’s degree must be taken after formal admission to the AMP. Courses approved for graduate credit are 200-level or higher with the prefix GRK, LAT, CLAS, or GKLT. Students taking a course approved for graduate credit as part of the AMP program must notify the faculty member they are taking the course at the graduate level before the course begins and must complete the additional work required of graduate students in that course. That notification must be copied to

Consideration for admission requires the following:

  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00
  • Minimum knowledge of Greek and Latin language: at least 1 course in each language at the 200-level (the more the better).
  • Standard Graduate College application, including:
  • Completion of the Graduate College Application form
    • 3 letters of recommendation from UVM faculty members
    • Reading knowledge of German (preferred), French, or Italian. Students lacking this may submit a plan describing how they will acquire such knowledge outside of the Spring and Fall semester of their 5th year for consideration (e.g. intensive course in summer between 4th and 5th years).

Minimum Degree Requirements for the Degree of Master of arts

30 credits of graded course work consisting of:
18 credits of GKLT 381 (of which 6 are taken during senior year, and 12 in the fifth year).18
12 additional credits of advanced courses in Greek, Latin, Classics, or approved credits in related fields. 12

Most students should expect to follow Track A, since maximum exposure to language and literature is usually most beneficial at this stage-of-career. The development of research and writing samples for subsequent Ph.D. applications comes rather from 4 research papers (1 per semester).

6 credits of thesis research (GKLT 391), and successful completion and defense of a master's thesis.6
6 credits of GKLT 381 (Seminar)6
18 credits of GKLT 381 (as in Track A).18
6 additional credits in Greek, Latin, Classics, or approved credits in related fields6

Note: Students desiring to do an M.A. thesis must 1) secure explicit recommendations that they be allowed to do so from the 3 faculty who write recommendation letters for them to be admitted to the AMP; 2) identify the thesis advisor before the end of senior year; and 3) successfully complete the translation part of comprehensive M.A. Exams at the beginning of the Fall semester of their 5th year.

Both Options
Comprehensive Examinations (see below)

Comprehensive Examination

Comprehensive Exams may be taken in the first and last 2 weeks of Fall and Spring semesters. The Exams are in the following subjects: 1) Greek and Latin sight translation of passages from the department’s reading list. This must be attempted at the start of the fifth year; if not passed on the first attempt, it may be retaken at the start of the Spring term); 2) Greek and Roman History; 3) Literature and Philology. 4) Modern Language: reading knowledge of German (preferred), French, or Italian, sufficient to conduct research in that language.

Requirements for Advancement to Candidacy for the Degree of Master of arts

Completion of all requirements listed above for either the thesis or the non-thesis option.