Interdisciplinary - Education AMP

All students must meet the Requirements for the Accelerated Master's Degree Pathway


This accelerated master’s degree pathway (AMP) is designed to offer select UVM undergraduate students the opportunity to earn both the bachelor’s degree and the master’s degree in Interdisciplinary studies (M.Ed.) in about 2 years.  9 credits toward the 30 credit M.Ed. will be earned during the junior and senior year (6 of which will also count toward the B.A.).

Whether students are pursuing studies in social justice in education or creating an independently-designed interdisciplinary studies in education (in consultation with your advisor) master’s degree, all students will take three core course out of these choices: EDFS 6010 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies, EDFS 6020 Philosophy of Education, EDLP 6008 Inequalities in Educational Policy, and/or EDCI 6008 Curriculum Theory. Students pursuing the social justice in education strand are expected to take at least 18 credits of courses that focus on race, gender, disability, and/or other aspects of diversity or focusing on issues related to inclusion, accessibility, and/or equity in education.  All students must take 18 of their credits in the College of Education and Social Services. The program is designed principally as preparation for work as an educator in a wide array of settings that do not require state licensure: professional development for in-service teachers, community organizers and non-profit organization workers, diversity consultants and trainers, and/or as a precursor to more advanced graduate degrees in disciplines like Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, studies in race, gender, and/or disability. 

Specific Requirements

Requirements for Admission for the Degree of Master of Education

Students should apply for admission into the AMP in the beginning of their junior year. Consideration for admission requires the following:

  • A minimum cumulative GPA of  2.7
  • Completion of the Graduate College Application
    • The three letters of recommendation preferably from UVM faculty members
    • A writing sample is required as part of the application
    • A personal statement discussing a proposed independently-designed area of study or interest in studying social justice in education

Students must be admitted through the Graduate College before taking any courses that will be applied toward the master’s degree requirements.

Minimum Degree Requirements

The Interdisciplinary degree may focus on social justice education or a largely self-designed curriculum. All programs are worked out under the supervision of the program director. All programs are subject to student modification at any time depending on the changing personal, academic, and professional interests of the student. Here are the basic curriculum requirements:

  • 30 credits are required. There is a 5-year time period to finish the degree. All courses are offered once a week in the evening, usually online. Most summer courses run daily for two weeks, 4 1/2 hours at a time. The average number of years that students take to complete the Interdisciplinary program is currently 3 years. The majority of students are part-time.
  • A minimum of 18 graduate level credits must be taken in the College of Education and Social Services. The other remaining 12 graduate-level credits can be taken anywhere in the University of Vermont (if desired). 9 graduate credits can be taken outside the University of Vermont and transferred into the Interdisciplinary studies program. All courses must be graduate-level courses and must be directly relevant to each student’s overall goals and purposes.
  • The Interdisciplinary program has a 6-credit thesis option. These 6 credits replace 6 course credits. 


All College of Education and Social Services graduate programs have a no-credit comprehensive examination requirement for graduation. This requirement includes a portfolio of papers and reflection and is designed according to the unique professional needs of the student and is worked out with the program director.


Successful completion of any prerequisite courses, and at least 15 graded graduate credits with a 3.00 GPA or better, including all core courses.