Mathematics M.S.T.

All students must meet the Requirements for the Master's Degree


The Department of Mathematics offers programs towards the Master of Science, Master of Science for Teachers, and the Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematical Sciences. There are two areas of concentration: pure mathematics and applied mathematics. The programs emphasize the interaction between these two areas and the common role of scientific computation. Students can take courses common to both areas, enabling them to gain an appreciation of the mathematical techniques and the connections between theory and applications. Department research interests include analysis, algebra, arithmetic geometry, number theory, graph theory, combinatorics, complex systems, computational social science, fluid mechanics, biomathematics, differential equations, network science, mathematics education, numerical analysis, and modeling.

Specific Requirements

Requirements for Admission to Graduate Studies for the Degree of Master of Science for Teachers

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, licensure as a teacher, and experience teaching grades K-12. GRE scores are not required.

Minimum Degree Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science for Teachers

Thirty credits of course work in mathematics. With the approval of their advisor and the Graduate College, students may choose courses from the 100-level or from closely related fields. The student must have a curriculum program approved by her/his advisor. The student must pass an oral comprehensive examination. No thesis is required.

Comprehensive Examination

The comprehensive examination must be taken no later than five weeks before the end of the semester preceding the conferral of the degree. The details of the examination are decided upon by each student's examination committee and will be discussed with the student in advance of the exam.

Requirements for Advancement to Candidacy for the Degree of Master of Science in Teaching

The requirements for advancement to candidacy are the completion of any prerequisites noted when the student was admitted.