Animal Sciences Minor


At least 15 credits of course work in Animal and Veterinary Sciences including:

ASCI 001Introductory Animal Sciences3
9 credits from the following list:9
Animal Anatomy
Horse Health and Disease
Appl Animal Health
Equine Training Techniques
General Physiology
Animals in Soc/Animal Welfare
Equine Instructing Techniques
Horse Barn Coop Exec Committee
Intermediate Horseback Riding
Forage and Pasture Mgmnt
SU:Wildlife Hlth & Consrvation
Canine Behavior
Dairy Management Seminar
Animal Genetics
Zoos, Exotics & Endang Species
Physiology of Reproduction
Lactation Physiology
Lameness in Horses
Advanced Dairy Management
Advanced Animal Nutrition
Clin Top:Companion Animal Med
Clin Topics:Livestock Medicine
Clin Topics Equine Med & Surg
Adv Top:Zoo,Exotic,Endang Spec
Animal and Human Parasitology
Molecular Epidemiol Infect Dis
One Health: Antimicrob Resist
Remaining 3 credits can be taken from ASCI 0xx, ASCI 1xx, or ASCI 2xx list3