Equine Studies Minor


At least 15 credits of course work in Animal and Veterinary Sciences including: 

Required Courses6
ASCI 1400Intro to the Horse3
ASCI 2480Horse Health and Disease3
6 credits from the following list:6
ASCI 2240Forage and Pasture Mgmnt4
ASCI 2400Equus2-4
ASCI 2410Intermediate Horseback Riding1
ASCI 2420Equine Training Techniques0 or 3
ASCI 2450Horse Barn Coop Exec Committee1
ASCI 2470Equine Enterprise Management3
ASCI 2990Special Topics (When the topic applies to Equine Studies)1-18
ASCI 3160Topics in Applied Reproduction (When title is Equine Reproduction Workshop)1
ASCI 3400Equus Advising1-6
ASCI 3480Clin Topics Equine Med & Surg3
ASCI 3490Lameness in Horses0 or 4
ASCI 3990Special Topics (When the topic applies to Equine Studies)1-18
Remaining 3 Credits can be taken from ASCI 1XXX, 2XXX, 3XXX or 4XXX lists3