Biosecurity Minor

Our increasingly global society creates opportunity for the spread of both intentional and unintentional threats to food and agriculture. To protect the food system from harm, agrosecurity, biosecurity, and cybersecurity need to work hand in hand. Put in positive terms, biosecurity is the opposite of bioterrorism and not only includes the study of threats, but the systems necessary to prevent those threats or reinforce resiliency to those threats. 

This minor allows students to formalize a grouping of courses from social science and agriculture to STEM disciplines with a focus area on biosecurity. Topics include bioterror threats, prevention, and resilience in our lived, built, and natural environments.


MMG 1020Unseen Wrlds:Microbes & You3
ASCI 1070ABCs of Biosecurity3
CDAE 1320Protect Your Privacy2
CDAE 2990Special Topics (Agroterrorism and BioPiracy)3
Restricted Electives (6 credits)
Exploring Cybersecurity
Smart Resilient Communities
Human Health in the Food Syst
Human Health in the Food Syst
Microbiol & Infectious Disease
Deadly Food: Outbreak Investig
Global Food Safety
Intro International Relations
Comparative World Politics
International Security
Int'l Politics Middle East
Latin American Politics
Other advisor-approved courses as appropriate
Students interested in pursuing upper-level electives for this minor, please be aware that some have prerequisites not included in the minor course of study.