Bioinformatics Minor


MMG 106Intr Biomedical Research Meth3
MMG 231Bioinformatics&Data Anlysis3
MMG 232QR: Advanced Bioinformatics3
MMG 233Genetics and Genomics3
Six credits from the following courses:
Undergraduate Research
Undergraduate Research
Prokaryotic Molecular Genetics
QR: Data Struc & Algorithms
QR: Machine Learning
QR: Intro to Data Science
QR: Med Biostat&Epidemiology
QR:Stat Computing&Data Anlysis
18 credits of bioinformatics course work18


BIOL 001Principles of Biology4
or BIOL 002 Principles of Biology
or BCOR 011 Exploring Biology
or BCOR 012 Exploring Biology
CS 020QR: Programming for Engineers3
or CS 021 QR: Computer Programming I
STAT 111QR: Elements of Statistics3
or STAT 141 QR:Basic Statistical Methods 1
or STAT 143 QR: Statistics for Engineering