Anthropology Minor


18 credits in anthropology, including:

6 credits from the following core courses: 6
D2: SU: Cultural Anthropology
D2: SU:Prehistoric Archaeology
D2:Biological Anthropology
D2: Linguistic Anthropology
Of the 12 additional credits, at least 9 credits must be at the 100-level or above.12


Ineligible Major: Anthropology

The following courses do not count towards the minor:

ANTH 093Internship1-3
ANTH 190LASP-SSS Thesis3
ANTH 192Independent Study1-18
ANTH 193Internship1-18
ANTH 198Undergraduate Research1-12
ANTH 292Independent Study1-18
ANTH 293Internship1-18
ANTH 298Undergraduate Research1-3