Art History B.A.

All students must meet the University Requirements.

All students must meet the College Requirements.

Major Requirements

36 credits, including:

Choose 2 of the following:6
Western Art:Ancient - Medieval
Western Art:Renaissance-Modern
Asian Art
12 credits to include 3 credits from 4 of the following 5 categories (courses numbered 196 in these categories also qualify): 12
Ancient and Medieval:
Egypt & the Ancient Near E
Greek Art
Roman Art
Early Modern European:
Northern European 1400-1600
Italian High and Late Ren Art
Topics European Art 1600-1800
Modern, American, and Canadian:
Topics in Modern Art
19th-Century European Painting
20th-Century Art
D2: Japanese Art
D2: Chinese Painting
D2: Indian Painting
Inter Spec Topics Asian Art
Other Non-Western Traditions, New Approaches to Art History, and Contemporary Art:
Hist of Optical Media as Art
Identity Diversity Postmod Art
Issues in Contemporary Art
Topics:Gender,Race,Ethn in Art
12 additional art history credits, to include at least 1 course (3 credits) ARTH 282 or higher to be taken during the junior or senior year, preferably during the senior year12
6 credits of studio art6
The study of French or German through 051 or 052 is strongly recommended for students considering eventual graduate work in art history.

No more than 3 credits from ARTH 191 (Internship) may count toward requirements for the major.

No more than 3 credits of ARTH 198 (Undergraduate Research) may be used toward major requirements.

ARTH 194 (Teaching Assistantship) does not count toward requirements for the major.