Zoology Minor


At least 15 credits, including:

Choose 1 of the following options:4-8
Option A (recommended)
Exploring Biology
and Exploring Biology
Option B
Accelerated Biology
Option C
Principles of Biology
and Principles of Biology
3 courses at the 100-level or higher from Categories A and B, at least 1 of which must include a laboratory. A maximum of 4 credits from Category B may be applied to the minor.9-12
Category A (recommended courses in topics relevant to animal biology)
Category B (other eligible courses)
The following courses do not count toward the minor requirements: HON 208, HON 209, and BIOL 298.


Ineligible majors: Biology B.A., Biological Sciences B.S., Plant Biology B.S., Zoology B.A., B.S.

Other Information

The following courses may be necessary as prerequisites for more advanced offerings: CHEM 031, CHEM 032, CHEM 141, CHEM 142, MATH 019, MATH 020.