Russian Co-Major

All students must meet the University Co-Major Requirements.

The co-major offers students outside of the College of Arts and Sciences the opportunity to complete advanced coursework in Russian language. (Students who are enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences can complete the same coursework through the Russian B.A.) Students apply to the co-major through an application available from the School of World Languages and Cultures ( Once the application is submitted, students must meet with an advisor in their home college or school to ensure that the co-major can be completed along with degree requirements. Accepted students must also meet with an advisor in the co-major to outline their course of study in the language. 

Co-Major Requirements

At least 33 credits in major courses, including:

27-29 credits in RUSS numbered 2100 to 499627-29
3 credits/1 course from the following:3
Topics in Russian Lit in Tr
Topics in Russian Lit in Tr
1 additional course/3 credits taught in English with significant Russian content. Before registration each semester, a list of eligible courses is posted as a See Also list in the Schedule of Courses (Classic Version). Many of those courses will not show up immediately in students’ degree audits. The courses listed below are always eligible and should automatically be applied in degree audits.3
The Cold War
History of Poland
Russian Politics
Ethnopolitical Conflict
Topics in Russian Lit in Tr
Topics in Russian Lit in Tr


Russian language through RUSS 1200: Elementary II or the equivalent.

Introductory and intermediate courses for various subject areas may be necessary to reach the English-language courses at the 2000-level or above applicable to the major.

Other Information

Only one course may overlap between the co-major and a minor or between the co-major and student’s major in the home unit.

Courses for the co-major and/or its pre/co-requisites that are cross-listed in the catalog or schedule of courses under another course prefix may be taken under that other prefix and still count for these requirements.

With the approval of the chair/director, courses that applied to the co-major in previous years but have since been deactivated may be applied to this year’s co-major requirements if they are reactivated.

At least half of the credits used to complete co-major requirements must be taken at the University of Vermont.