Asian Studies B.A.

All students must meet the University Requirements.

All students must meet the College Requirements.

Major Requirements

At least 30 credits in courses from the Asian Studies listing to include the following:

Completion of 4 semesters of study in 1 language from the subarea of concentration (e.g., Chinese, Japanese). 12-16
No more than 16 credits of language study may be counted toward the major
Students who have demonstrated fluency in the language of the subarea of concentration (for instance, native speakers of the language), may substitute other Asian studies courses to fulfill the thirty credit requirement
At least 9 credits at the 100-level 19
3 credits at the 200-level 13
Additional Asian Studies courses at any level. 12-6

Courses outside of language study must be selected from at least 3 academic disciplines.

Note: Courses that have a significant but not exclusive Asian component may be counted toward a student’s major requirements only if papers or projects relevant to their Asian subarea or their Asian thematic focus have been completed. The dean’s office must receive written approval from the advisor in order for these courses to be counted toward the major.

Students who major in Asian Studies and minor in an Asian language may overlap only 1 course as stipulated in the section on Distribution Requirements.