Gerontology Undergraduate Certificate

The mission of the Undergraduate Certificate Program in Gerontology is to prepare students with knowledge and skills for promoting healthy aging among diverse aging populations and communities, and for addressing the challenges and seizing the opportunities of an aging society and of their own aging and the aging of their loved ones. Students who earn this certificate will be well-positioned to apply their knowledge of gerontology to address aging related challenges in their disciplinary fields and in their personal lives, to work in entry level positions in senior focused organizations, and to pursue advanced level education and training in the field of Gerontology. The certificate is open all UVM students.


HDF 1200Aging:Change & Adaptation3
or SOC 1320 Aging: Change & Adaptation
HDF 2200Adult Development & Aging3
SOC 2320Sociology of Death & Dying3
HDF 2991Internship1-18
or HDF 2995 Undergraduate Research
Students must complete 1 of the following for 3 credits of electives: 13
Health Care in America
Biology of Aging
Aging in Cross-Cultural Persp
Health Care Ethics
Nutrition in the Life Cycle
Psychology of Aging

Note: Other courses taught as special topics that focus on gerontology may be taken to fulfill this 3-credit elective requirement, as may a course in a student’s major that is not listed here but focuses on gerontology or that allows the student to focus their assignments on gerontology related issues. For example, PRNU 2121: Introduction to Gerontology, is a required course for the B.S. in Professional Nursing (Pre-requisites PRNU 2113 & PRNU 2114) and would count as the elective course for students in this major seeking to pursue the proposed Certificate.