Human Development and Family Science Minor


18 credits that must include the following:

HDF 1050Human Development3
HDF 1600Family Context of Development3
Choose one of the following:3
Aging:Change & Adaptation
Human Relationships &Sexuality
Choose one of the following tracks:9
HDF 2610Social Context of Development3
or HDF 2890 Theories of Human Development
Complete two other approved 2000-level HDF courses.
HDF 2610
HDF 2890
Social Context of Development
and Theories of Human Development
Complete one approved 3000-level HDF seminar course 1

Check with your advisor to ensure your selection is an approved 3000-level course.

Other Information

This minor is available to students in all majors. A minimum of two 2000-level courses will be offered each semester: specifically, HDF 2205, HDF 2410 and HDF 2610 in the fall semester, and HDF 2010 and HDF 2890 in the spring semester. Students should be aware that completion of the three different 2000-level courses required for Track A may take at least two semesters if only the minimum number of 2000-level courses is offered each semester. Students seeking to follow Track B should be aware that it will require three semesters to complete the two 2000-level required courses and the one 3000-level seminar course.