Coaching Minor

The minor in Coaching consists of a series of courses in preparation for coaching sports activities at any age or skill level. It provides knowledge and skills regarding age-appropriate exercise, coaching methods and ethics, instructional techniques, and practical coaching experiences.


Completion of 15 (or up to 16) credits from the following tracks is required for the Coaching minor:

EDPE 200Contemporary Issues (Coaching Issues & Legal Ethics)3
EDPE 230Philosophy of Coaching3
Choose Two Coaching Pedagogy Courses:6
Independent Study
Special Topics I (Fitness Education)
Special Topics I (Games Education)
Special Topics I (Teaching Dance and Gymnastics)
Choose One Sport Training Course:3
Exercise & Sport Science (Sports Performance Seminar)
Sci Strength Training&Condtng


HDF 005Human Development3
EDPE 220Sport in Society3

Other Information

The Coaching minor is open to any student at UVM.