Military Leadership Minor

The minor in Military Leadership provides ROTC Cadets with an opportunity to study leadership theory and principles, gain a variety of leadership skills, and apply these principles and skills in a multitude of environments.

Courses included in the minor in Military Leadership address leadership principles, communication skills, interpersonal and ethical issues, decision making, strategic planning, civic engagement, and leadership application. As course requirements, ROTC Cadets will gain leadership experience by serving in leadership roles within the UVM ROTC program.

The minor in Military Leadership prepares ROTC Cadets for transformative leadership in campus, local, national, and global contexts. Through the required coursework and experiential learning, Cadets critically examine diverse theories and perspectives on leadership, while implementing these elements in a variety of situations. The minor in Military Leadership will produce a student who has a self-authored professional identity; thrives in ambiguous environments; is a moral exemplar and is prepared to be a leader, skilled critical thinker, problem solver, and team builder; skilled oral and written communicator; who has advanced interpersonal skills; and who is culturally aware and displays characteristics of a lifelong learner.

A student must be a contracted ROTC Cadet by no later than the first semester of their senior year to finish the requirements for the minor in Military Leadership.


MS 1110Intro to ROTC & US Army1
MS 1120Intro Mil Skills&Followership1
MS 1210Leadership&Team Development2
MS 1220Individual&Team Leading2
MS 2131Lead&Train Small Organizations3
MS 2132Lead&Manage Small Organization3
MS 3241Ldrshp Challenges&Goal Setting3
MS 3242Lead Org Ethically&Competently3