Engineering Management B.S.EM.

Engineering Management is an interdisciplinary degree that combines engineering fundamentals, analysis and design with business administration and resource management. It is the art and science of planning, organizing, directing and controlling activities that have technical components. Graduates work as Project Engineers, Operations Managers, Cost Estimators, and Quality Engineers, to give a few examples.

The curriculum combines a basic education in the engineering disciplines with the study of economics, accounting and finance, operations, and management. The curriculum is offered in cooperation with the Grossman School of Business.

Engineering Management Program Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of the Engineering Management program are to provide our graduates with the disciplinary breadth and depth to:

1. Develop actionable solutions to complex problems by applying critical thinking and engineering, management and mathematics knowledge.

2. Communicate effectively across a variety of mediums and cultures.

3. Grow intellectually through continued self-study, continuing education, and professional development.

4. Uphold responsible ethical and moral standards, and consider the impact of decisions across social, environmental, economic, and technological facets.