Sustainable Energy Engineering Minor

The procurement of sustainable energy is one of the major challenges facing humanity in the twenty-first century. The Sustainable Energy Engineering minor is therefore designed for undergraduate, engineering students who are interested in applying their knowledge of engineering fundamentals, analysis, and sustainable design principles to clean energy generation and efficient utilization. Students will gain foundational understanding of energy technologies and the energy industry, including technological, policy, and economic considerations related to sustainable energy. Completion of the minor requires 14 credit hours of core requirements plus 6 credit hours of  electives. Although this minor can more easily fit the program requirements of undergraduate students pursuing engineering degrees, it is open to non-engineering students.


Core Requirements
CEMS 3910Energy Policy and Economics3
EE 2125Circuits I4
or EE 2145 Electrical Engr Concepts
or EE 2175 Electrical Circuits & Sensors
EE 3315Electric Energy Systems4
ME 1210Thermodynamics3
Electives (Minimum 6 credits from the following)6
Sustain Resource Recovery Dsgn
Geo-energy Systems
Low Carbon Electric Power
Power Electronics
Power System Analysis
Renewable Energy Harvesting
Energy and the Environment
Thermal & Statistical Physics


MATH 1248Calculus II4
PHYS 1500Physics for Engineers I0 or 4
CHEM 1400General Chemistry 10 or 4
Note: Some elective courses require additional prerequisites.

Other Information

This minor is comprised of courses offered through all three engineering departments at UVM – Civil & Environmental Engineering, Electrical & Biomedical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering – and Physics. The minor is offered to give our students pursuing accredited disciplinary engineering degrees an added interdisciplinary credential toward pursuing careers in sustainable energy fields.