Medical Diagnostics Minor

The minor consists of 18 credit hours including the following:

Minor Requirements

Core Requirements
MLS 2010Medical Diagnostic Techniques (spring)3
MLS 3000Applied Medical Diagnostics3
BHSC 3810Applied Molecular Biology (fall)3
9 credits of electives selected from the following:
Adv Medical Equipment Systems
Clinical Chemistry I (fall)
Clinical Chemistry II (spring)
Immunology (spring)
Clinical Microbiology II (fall)
Hematology (fall)
Other Approved Electives

Prerequisite Requirements

BHSC 1340Human Cell Biology (or one semester of Biology with lab)4
Electives in the minor may require additional prerequisites such as:
Intro Organic Chemistry w/lab
Outline: Organic & BIOC w/lab
Fundamentals of Biochemistry
Microbiol & Infectious Disease


The minor is not available to Medical Laboratory Science majors.