Integrative Health Minor

The minor consists of 15 credit hours including the following:


HLTH 2010Intro to Integrative Health 13
HLTH 3010Sci & Evidence Integrativ HLTH3
HLTH 2070Human Health & the Envirnmt (SU; offered in spring OR Planetary Human Health offered in fall in even years OR Climate & Human Health offered in fall in odd years)3
Six credits from at least two areas in the following list (with a maximum of 3 one-credit courses in a single area):
Mindfulness / Mind & Body
HLTH 2370Mindful Eating3
HLTH 1990Special Topics (Mindfulness: Practice and Neuroplasticity)3
Behavior Change
HLTH 1980Restore, Rejuvenate&Energize1
COMU 1010Healthy Brains, Healthy Bodies3
COMU 2250The Science of Happiness3
COMU 2220Family Wellness Coaching3
HSCI 2300Health Promotion3
Travel/ Global Health
HLTH 2770Iceland Ther Thermal Springs3
HLTH 3100Health and Culture: Oaxaca3
HLTH 1990Special Topics (Norway: Wintertime Mindset)3
ANTH 2170Culture, Health and Healing3
HLTH 2760Hlth in Mediterranean3
HSCI 1200Antiracism and Health3
HSCI 2600Racism and Health Disparities3
Health / Environment
NURS 3000Health and Sustainability3
Yoga / Movement
PEAC 1006Yoga & Mindfulness1
PEAC 1100Yoga & the Chakras1
PEAC 1008Flow and Restore Yoga1
PEAC 1009Restorative Yoga1
Integrative Nutrition and Herbalism
PSS 2990Special Topics (Plant-Based Healing Medicine)3
NFS 1990Special Topics (Cooking for Health)1
FS 2030Human Health in the Food Syst3
Independent Study Options
HLTH 3993Independent Study (Integrative Health Independent Study)1-3
HLTH 3994Teaching Assistantship (Integrative Health Teaching Assistantship)1-3

HLTH 2010 has a recommended interactive lab. 

Other Information

This minor is available to students in all majors.