Theatre B.A.

All students must meet the University Requirements.

All students must meet the College Requirements.

Major Requirements

33 credits, including:

Core Theatre Courses (21 total credits):
THE 010Acting I: Intro to Acting3
THE 014Fundamentals of Design3
THE 024Stagecraft: Lighting1
THE 034Stagecraft: Scenery1
THE 044Stagecraft: Costumes1
THE 050Dramatic Analysis3
THE 154Issues in Theatre History3
THE 190Theatre Practicum (Note: Three credits of practicum, usually taken as three 1-credit projects. Students may not complete more than 2 credits in any one area of production: acting, production crew, front of house, marketing, and design.)1-3
THE 254Theories of Performance3
Capstone Seminar (3 credits from the following):3
Seminar - Design
Seminar: Act, Dir, SM, Write
Performance/Creation Elective (3 credits from the following):3
Acting II:Cntmp Scene Study
Acting III:Voice & Speech
Acting IV: Movement
Performing Musical Theatre
Playwriting and Dramatic Forms
Mask: Transformational Acting
Directing I
Musical Theatre Dance
Dance Repertory
Dance Performance Practicum
Site Performance Practicum
Design/Stage Management Elective (3 credits from the following): 3
Lighting Design
Scene Design
Costume Design
Stage Management
Performance & Culture Elective (3 credits from the following):3
Performance and Society
D1:Diversity:Cont US Theatre
D2:Asian Performance Tradition
D2:Intro to World Dance Cult
D2: African Forms
D2: Brazilian Dance
Environment & Performance
D1:Jazz in American Dance
D2: Sex, Gender & Performance
Activism & Performance