Teacher Education: Physical Education (Grades PreK-12) B.S.Ed.

This program is not currently accepting students.

The Sports Leadership and Physical Education program contains the Physical Education licensure major, the Exercise and Sport Science concentration, the Coaching minor and elements of the Sport Management minor. The Physical Education major qualifies candidates for licensure to teach in grades PreK-12. Course work around the theme “Moving and Learning” includes a series of courses designed to provide a background to the field of physical education. Specialty courses assist the student in the development of Physical Education major content and teaching skills important in providing developmentally appropriate aspects of physical education to children and youth in today’s schools. Laboratory experiences in schools throughout the course of study aid students in recognizing the relationship between theory and practice. Students also receive a solid foundation in exercise science allowing a broader depth of knowledge in physical activity. The opportunity to pursue a concentration in exercise and sport science is available. The Sports Leadership and Physical Education program also boasts of a Coaching minor (non-licensure) that is available to all University students. Contact the program coordinator for more information.

A major concentration in Exercise and Sport Science is available to students in the Physical Education major. It is possible to have one course fulfill two requirements but the credits only count once.